For your Audio and Visual needs since 1999
For your Audio and Visual needs since 1999

What we can offer

All types of video tape can be transferred, these include:


Video transfer cost is £15.00 per tape.

Audio cost is £15.00 per tape/record.


For multiple tapes/Vinyl or mixed formats please contact us for an estimate.


Film transfer is very time consuming, but we try to keep the

price as reasonable as possible.


    50' (3inch) reel - £15.00 (max 10 reels per DVD)

  200' (5inch) reel - £22.00 (max 3 reels per DVD)

  322' (7inch) reel - £30.00 (max 2 reels per DVD)


Extra copies of DVD's or CD's are £7.00 each


For multiple reels sizes or mixed formats please contact us for an estimate.


Film prices are for silent films only.

If your films have sound then please contact us for a quote.


If you wish to have music added to the transfer please ask at time of contact.


"cherished memories brought back to life"


Slide/Negative conversion

Have you got hundreds of old photographic slides, prints or negatives from times gone bye.


Jackson Media can convert them to any format you like such as JPG, BMP, TIFF etc.
We can scan them and provide them on a data CD/DVD or pendrive, so you can view them on a computor, we can make a playable DVD slide show to watch back on your TV or produce hard prints.


Conversion charge is just 30p a slide/photograph/negative for up to 100 items and 25p a slide there after. Then you decide which format you need.


Slides as prints are 50p each (6" x 4").


DVD slide show to play back on your TV/Computer is just £10.00.


Or you can have just files on a memory stick or SD card for £10.00.


Established in 1999 for all your Audio Visual needs

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Home movie Transfer

Video/Audio/Film/Slide transfer

All types of video tape can be transferred, including VHS  /  VHS-C  /  8mm  /  Hi-8  /  Mini-DV.


Vinyl records, 33/45 rpm, can be converted to CD or MP3 files.


Cine film transfer including Standard 8mm and Super 8. (We can even add a sound track to your film).

For multiple reels (10 or more) or mixed formats please contact us for an estimate.

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